We are calculating how much everyone practiced during a 7-week period…most of which has now been spent at home in isolation during the  COVID-19 Pandemic.  We had just launched this year’s fundraising through practicing project, when in studio lessons ceased.  But the practicing continued and now my students have raised between $15 and $35 by finding a family member who would sponsor them at three cents a minute.   As of this date, we have raised just over $800 with more promises still to come.   This money will be used to pay our three Berklee School of Music composition students who have created arrangements and elementary grade reductions of piano pieces by women composers from the 12th century through the 20th century!   I am so pleased…knowing how difficult money is right now with many people out of work.  But fortunately, most of our studio families are managing by working at home.  We plan to put this music in a book that will be printed and passed out to all of our studio families. Then we will take this music on the road…making publishing  arrangements so that this music can be made available for all to use.