This was a very significant week for our studio!  We realized our first online video recital on our own YouTube channel.  I made it unlisted and true to that designation…. these videos do not turn up in any searches or even on my public YouTube page.  I divided our 40 some videos into 6 segments, all under ten minutes in length so that students and families could watch in parts or all together for the normal length of a studio recital.  Since this is a very historic time, as one of my students Henry put it…” we are making history” by staying at home…I titled each section of our recital using the remarkable characteristics that my students and families have exhibited during this stressful time:  Titled “The Resilient Piano Students of Penny Lazarus”, the sections are WE ARE BRAVE, WE ARE CREATIVE, WE ARE OPTIMISTS, WE ARE CONFIDENT AND DO HARD THINGS, WE ARE PLAYFUL AND HUMOROUS, WE REMAIN POSITIVE AND UPBEAT, and WE ARE GRATEFUL.  It was wonderful how the student’s pieces…fit well into each category.  I am so proud of all of them, especially since we put this recital together with most of the teaching online.

I’m still upgrading my online studio setup!  This week we added a large pliable arm to my video camera so that students can now see almost all of my piano keyboard when I switch to the piano view from my headshot view.  Although I just realized what was happening with one of my very young students…Sophia…a first-grader who just started lessons in September.  All of a sudden, she was having difficulty telling up from down, right from left and high vs. low on the piano.  I couldn’t understand why suddenly she was confused.  She had these concepts down pat since September.  Then I realized it was a video camera view!  It was reversed on her parent’s phone.  We are constantly learning how to teach music during this epidemic. 

This week was also marked by the sudden appearance of buzz cuts for a lot of boys!  All of our hair is getting out of control since we can’t visit hair salons or barber-shops.  At least the boys can use hair clippers!