We are now two weeks away from finishing the semester and the official start of summer vacation and a more relaxed summer schedule of lessons and activities.  We are ending the year at the same time as the public-school systems in Essex County.  The weather is heating up and students are showing the normal last weeks of school fatigue with online homework.  Now the restrictions of Covid-19 sheltering in place are entering the second phase of reopening, our students are also starting to resume their play with friends, even though required to be outside.  My students are swimming, bike riding, starting league sports and taking walks, all the while keeping to smaller groups and using masks when necessary.  This bit of return to normalcy has truly perked everyone up!  We are busy polishing our final women studies’ projects so that they can be video recorded for a final celebratory group watch online recital.  We are checking memory list pieces one more time, finishing the 30 and 40 list of pieces learned, reviewing books and pieces mastered during the year, so that we can move forward with new plans for the coming year.  We’ve even been featured in the Boston Globe online section of “Postcards during the Pandemic”!