Weldrumcome to blog post number 1 and an official launch of a redesigned Penny Lazarus Piano Studio website. My website guru (and fabulous actor for Theatre in the Open) Missy Chabot and I decided to recreate my website using WordPress so that it is easier for me to make changes on a moments notice and keep everyone updated on an truly interactive website.

We need to keep in touch with everyone frequentlychamber-music-festival1 because this studio networks with the community in an ever-widening series of events. I am eager for the new fall semester to start! All summer, students have been working independently on a proposal called “Drumming up Piano Time, Summer of 2015!” This list of 30+ project suggestions all involve rhythm and counting. Every student who completes 15 activities, signed with parental signature, earns a seat in the DRUM ON A BIG BUCKET CLASS at the Zach Field Drum Studio and Musical Suite. Classes just for our students will be at the drum studio on Saturday October 17, 2015. Choose one of two classes, either at 3:00pm or 4:00pm. Students who earn 10 project points will receive a studio-licensed copy of Wendy Steven’s “Rhythm Cup Explorations”. Students who complete 20 rhythm projects will receive a real Conductor’s Baton! Let the drum-roll begin!!!!

Families, it is my honor and privilege to announce that The Newburyport Chamber Music Festival has requested our participation in a master class/concert event with them again, this time featuring pianist Amy Yang on Saturday, November 7th, 2015. This is our FIFTH collaboration with this festival of world-renowned classical musicians and composers. The composers of study for this year are Mozart and Schoenberg! I will post about this in future blog posts. The photos here are from our wonderful master class last year with British pianist Clare Hammond.

For the winter holiday season, nearly every student has asked if we can again go caroling on pianos through Newburyport! If we find three host piano houses…yes we will plan on this! We break up into three small groups of students, each led by a parent. We follow a map and suggested times so that there is never more then one group performing at a house at one time. Each house serves our “carolers” hot chocolate and cookies. We all end up meeting together at the last house for our very own holiday celebration with parents, family, friends and students. Students will enjoy these casual (not nerve-wracking) piano performances. And walking the neighborhood together on a crisp winter night is simply magical.